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How-To-Used-Printing-PressesEver since the advent of the printing press, which was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450’s Germany, the face of the world was completely changed. Of course, it took a long time before the offset printing machines, which are still used today, came into being.

While the first rotary printing press was invented in 1843 by Richard March Hoe, it was only in 1873 that the offset printing on tin was invented, and only in the last century that the process started being used for printing on paper. It’s not hard to see how modern printing presses changed the face of the world, for it was when books became largely accessible that the literacy level started to rise.

Nowadays, when almost anyone can have a digital printing machine in his home, the question of how to run a company that provides printing services has started to be more stringent. As there are many companies that are offering pretty much the same services at roughly the same prices, what we need to do in order to run a printing company and stay profitable is use our equipment efficiently.

We need to make sure that we have the right machines for the job and that there are no problems in the printing process. This amounts to calculating the utilization rate of a machine and making sure that it’s somewhere between 80 and 90%.

The fact is that we’ll never be able to reach 100% utilization rate on a printing machine, no matter how hard we try. Statistics show that leading companies on the market today only manage to reach as high as 75% utilization rate on their machines.

While many people tend to confuse the time in which the machine is available for printing with utilization rate, we need to know that these numbers are not the same. The utilization rate is given by the time while the machine is being actively reached, as opposed to the time it just stands idle.

Most people don’t realize that getting the right printing equipment for the job can save us from making a lot of unnecessary expenses, and possibly save our company from bankruptcy. Staying efficient is the name of the game today, and a company that only has a limited number of clients shouldn’t try to expand until the number of clients rises.

When the number of clients rises, and we have to start using our machines overtime, then we’ll know that it’s time to upgrade. With the market being almost saturated with various types of printing machines we shouldn’t have that hard a time with finding one that suits our needs. We should certainly consider getting used printing presses as we can save a lot of money that way, and still remain competitive.

We can find a large number of used printing presses on the market, and knowing which one to buy amounts to choosing the right equipment for the job at hand, and making sure that it’s in good running condition. We can ease our search for used printing presses by visiting, where we can find many offers and deals.

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