Organic food – the best way to start a business

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Organic food – the best way to start a business

Investments to achieve the creation of organic farms are directly proportional to the magnitude of the project. In some cases, a mini-farm is enough for about 100,000 euros, but for others it takes ten times longer. Such investment is quite profitable and is very likely to become one of the businesses of the future.

According to the International Institution of nutrition, over 50% of all diseases discovered until now are related to the poor quality of food. Today, in the production of food crops and livestock it is permitted the use of more than 500 synthetic additives. A huge number of “bad” products (up to 40%) arrive domestically in foreign countries. Food security will achieve an increased interest in the near future and when the time will come when people will think seriously about consumption of natural and organic food. And this is quite visible already. Organic products are becoming increasingly popular.

A business about organic farms must present a complex project from the start, if you want to recover your investment. Ideally, the entrepreneur must own all raw materials, including transportation, tools, distribution networks and a processing unit ( The profit in this case may come after 3 to 5 years.

But not only the quality of products can bring a future income. Agritourism is profitable too. It can make a profit, especially if farms are built near large cities or metropolitan areas, where most people are not familiar with agriculture. In Europe, more than 30% of people prefer to practice this “green” tour.

So to start a business in any field related to the production of organic products you should take into account several things. For the products from the farm to be named on the right ecological merit, it is necessary to obtain an environmental certificate. This document is issued by the certifying authority – International Ecological Fund.

After that, the owner has every right to label products as eco special emblem and promote media as organic. Such certification costs about 2,000 euros per year. To obtain a certificate in the production process must meet the requirements of “green products”. The products must come from a clean area and be grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical additives. In their preparation should be used only natural ingredients and products should have a natural shelf life.

For organic farms it is forbidden the antibiotic treatment of animals. Sick animals are removed, otherwise the products will no longer be considered organic. Therefore, organic products have a higher selling price compared to products of the same kind, but grown by traditional methods.

Organic products will always find a customer. They will be neighbors nearby the first to spread the information and will be making as a source of production. Typically, organic products are consumed by people with disposable income. It should be borne in mind that they will not be the only ones, and we should seek other channels of distribution. That might start to open your own stores selling mandatory and an online store for organic food.

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